mesoprotech® By mesoestetic, The Most Advanced Integral Sun Protection To Enjoy Only The Best Of The Sun

The new range uses latest-generation technology to protect against UVB and UVA radiation, infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV)

mesoprotech® formulas are developed using carefully selected ingredients to complete the sun protection and adapt it to the needs and demands of different skin types

The sun is a source of energy that reaches our planet in the form of electromagnetic rays with different wavelengths. This is why we humans perceive solar radiation as visible light (HEV) and as heat (like infrared radiation, IR). By contrast, UV rays pose an imperceptible risk because they are invisible. Nonetheless, all these types of radiation have effects on the body and professionals warn us of the dangers of ignoring them. The sun can have positive effects on the skin but others, often less apparent when they occur, cause pigmentation, can lead to allergies and premature aging, and can even cause damage at cellular level.

The skin has defence mechanisms to protect it against solar radiation, such as the production of melanin and the release of antioxidant substances. However, it lacks the natural ability to filter all the effects of occasional or cumulative exposure on the skin.

Innovation, the constant pursuit of excellence and pharmaceutical quality and efficacy to ensure the best care for our skin are the founding pillars of mesoestetic Pharma Group, which now presents a complete range of latest-generation sunscreens for 2018. Following months of work and research, the laboratory is launching six references that use the most innovative technology to protect the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation.

mesoprotech® complex, latest-generation technology for maximum protection

All the products in the new range incorporate mesoprotech® complex, a wide-spectrum sun protection complex that combines physical, biological and/or chemical filters for maximum efficacy against UVB, UVA, HEV and IR radiation. This way the skin is protected on all fronts from actinic damage, cellular oxidation and aging caused by day-to-day sun exposure.

mesoprotech® specific antiaging sunscreens are also formulated with ‘collagen pro-47’, a plant extract that increases the presence of type 47 heat shock proteins (HSP), which protect collagen networks in the skin and enhance the synthesis of new type I collagen fibres. HSPs act on the collagen formation process, increasing both quality and quantity to help prevent photoaging and promote skin elasticity and tone.


The range: science and technology to suit the needs of every skin type

Specific antiaging sunscreens

  • mineral matt antiaging fluid: very high factor sunscreen (SPF 50+) specially formulated for combination, oily and sensitive skins. Its formula includes mineral filters and mattifying particles that eliminate excess shine and leave the skin with a velvety matt finish. It has an innovative non-greasy fluid texture that turns into a powdery emulsion on the skin.
  • light water antiaging veil: high factor sunscreen (SPF 50+) for normal and combination skins, formulated with hyaluronic acid and silicon for hydration at epidermal level and to enhance tissue elasticity and tone. Its ultra-light emulsion texture is rapidly absorbed to create an invisible protective veil.
  • nourishing antiaging oil: very high factor sunscreen (SPF 50+) specifically for dry, mature skin. Formulated with chia seed oil, which is rich in omega 3 and 6, this innovative protective oil provides elasticity and nutrition and strengthens the barrier function of the skin. With a gel texture that turns into a light oil, it melts into the skin to leave a dry finish.

Sunscreen for the body

  • sun protective body lotion: high factor body sunscreen (SPF 30) for all skin types. The vitamin E in its formulation has antioxidant and protective properties while the light cream texture is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Prevention of spots

  • melan 130+ pigment control: very high factor sunscreen (130+) for skin with pigmentation issues, skin undergoing cosmetic treatment, skin affected by hormonal processes such as pregnancy, skin under photosensitising medication, etc. Its specific active ingredient is Azeloglicina, which prevents skin blemishes by regulating tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production. Its ultra-fluid texture contains pigments to avoid leaving a white residue on the skin, minimising imperfections and providing a lightweight, natural tone. Given its high sun protection (over 130), it is recommended in cases where extreme precaution against sun exposure is required.

Maximum protection for sensitive areas

  • sun protective repairing stick: a comfortable 100+ factor protection stick for sensitive areas such as the lips, eye contour, scars, etc. It incorporates rosehip oil to boost skin repair mechanisms. Ophthalmologically tested for maximum ocular tolerance.

Maximum efficacy. Maximum safety. Dermatologically tested.

Driven by its commitment to pharmaceutical quality in all of its solutions and treatments, mesoestetic Pharma Group has rated the sun protection levels of mesoprotech® products according to the ISO 24444 standard, in compliance with European regulations and ensuring maximum measuring rigour and effectiveness.

It conducted in vivo tests on UVB protection and water resistance, and in vitro tests on UVA protection. It also tested the efficacy of collagen pro-47 with studies on human fibroblast cultures, which showed a 21% increase in the presence of HSP-47 and type I collagen synthesis 4 times higher than that of non-treated samples.

With this launch, mesoestetic makes a strong bid for latest-generation sun protection, raising it to the level of a key treatment in the prevention of premature aging and allowing differentiated prescriptions to suit the needs and characteristics of each skin type.

mesoestetic Pharma Group

mesoestetic Pharma Group is an internationally recognised pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine. With its headquarters in Viladecans (Barcelona), it develops, produces and markets extremely effective treatments endorsed by scientific studies. Its manufacturing and control processes adhere to the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the effectiveness of its products and its 30+ years of experience, doctors, cosmetic professionals and end users all over the world – including big international stars – place their trust in mesoestetic.


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