Hot desking or how we will work in the office from 2021 onwards

After months of almost empty offices, employees are gradually returning to the offices, but the reality is fundamentally different, both for employees and offices, because the pandemic has changed everything we knew.

The new requirements of the employees

The social distance we had to get used to respecting our even more personal space. Moreover, we are also looking for that solitude in the workspace. We all have high safety requirements and are sensitive to compliance with cleanliness and disinfection measures. Ventilation and access to fresh air are also a priority and the office buildings that were designed to have operable windows outrank the rest.

Employees around the world demanded a healthier work environment, which in turn set new standards for offices.

The new requirements for offices

Employers and managers also want to change the office environment so that it is more hospitable, more comfortable, and, above all, safer for everyone.

The new requirements for offices are to increase the working area for each employee and the distance between the desks and create more conference rooms equipped for online communication with those colleagues who work from home but should be involved in the discussion of a new project.

Nature is re-entering workspaces and, wherever possible, encouraging the creation of outdoor workplaces or recreation areas where there is more greenery.

The prevailing solution – Hot desking

This alternative approach to work organization is among the preferred solutions in the post-covid office environment. Employees are not assigned to one workplace and desk but can choose where to sit and work.

This approach has several advantages – it allows fewer workstations to be maintained, and this is important for teams where not everyone goes to work in the office at the same time.

Hygiene is also improved because desks are not cluttered with personal belongings, only the necessary.

Hot desking also gives you the freedom to choose a workplace according to the tasks for the day – being in the conference room, in the Flex-R lounge for more creative tasks, or in the park when you need fresh air for concentration.

The new project of Sofia Airport Center – Re:Share is being developed to embrace the principle of hot desking. The winter garden in building A2 will become The Flex-R Lounge, a shared workspace with lots of greenery and space, which can be used freely by all tenants in the building.

COVID-19 showed us that it is possible to work from anywhere and need our office colleagues. The hotdesking trend is responding to this need so that employees and companies can continue to perform at their best.