Better Life for People with Autism

What are the steps and latest research on the successful integration of people with autism into society?

People with autism face extreme difficulties in adapting to daily activities, developing social skills and building relationships with others. They are deprived of the ability to organize their knowledge and use the accumulated experience, and this in turn prevents them from navigating and adjusting to the social environment. International scientific research on the topic shows specialized therapies and systematic work with specialists in the field support the building of more complete personalities among people with autism of all ages.

World-renowned experts will share their experience and achievements on these topics during the First International Conference in Bulgaria entitled „Autism is not a sentence!“ to be held 11-13 November 2019 in Sofia. The event will not only provide information on the latest news in the field of autism, but the audience will have the opportunity to become acquainted with a wide range of issues including diagnostics and development, language and communication, access to education, research and ethics, sex and sexuality, inclusion and community life, mental and physical health, interventions.

The conference hosted by Autism Today, will be divided into two parts: lectures and workshops. The planned practical sessions, focusing on various topics related to improving the quality of life of people in the autistic spectrum, will discuss latest information and experience in the field, commenting on the challenges these people face in both the social and scientific fields, and specific examples shall be given of how difficulties can be overcome.

The forum shall provide up-to-date information on autism based on the latest international research and achievements in the field. The collective experience will also outline specific successful practices in engaging people with similar problems in the community, giving them the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with others, as well as to find professional career development.

The wide range of topics the conference will address makes it extremely useful for professionals in this field – psychologists, speech therapists, special educators, therapists, physicians, people involved in research in the field, as well as for teachers, parents and others affected by problem.

The admission fee for the three days of the conference is EUR 140 (early birds), and after October 20 – EUR 180, payable in BGN – the equivalent shall be calculated at the Bulgarian National Bank rate for the day.

Tickets for the conference can be purchased by wire transfer, and invoices shall be provided in a hard copy at the event:


Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) SA


BGN account (IBAN) BG13 RZBB 9155 10094 73794